In 2010, we took a careful look at our operations and decided that there must be a better way of managing buildings than assigning cleaners, caretakers, facility managers and property managers to juggle apartment scheme responsibilities. It seemed to us like a clear-cut case of too many cooks spoil the broth.

That’s why we decided to streamline our approach by creating two key roles in our team: Building Service Assistant (BSA) and Building Services Manager (BSA). You’ve probably seen reference to these in our communications or on site, but what do they mean and what do these people do?

Here, we give you an insight into the reasoning behind these roles, and how you benefit:


Responsibilities of your BSA and BSM 

These positions were created to encompass cleaning, caretaking, light maintenance and reporting tasks into dedicated roles that give holistic ownership over care for the building.

We noticed that most companies outsource certain elements, like cleaning, to third parties, which makes maintaining quality standards, safety and security a challenge. And, when the professionals on site are perhaps the biggest influencer of our performance as operators, we wanted to find a better way.

Appointing a uniformed, fully-trained BSA and BSM for our buildings allows us to deliver a consistent service. We currently have a 60-strong team, all on the living wage, who work with a clear job description and have the motivation to uphold standards.


How does it benefit you?

We see ourselves as a customer service provider in the residential property market, rather than residential property managers. Essentially, this means we can meet the expectations and infrastructure of the evolving marketplace.

Our BSAs and BSMs are able to provide large communities with maintenance and cleaning all on site, contributing to the perfect living and investment experience. They actively engage with owners and residents, something that we know is important to leaseholders. That’s why we believe their role is so important.

This dedicated support also ensures that health and safety is high on the agenda. Appointing an urbanbubble BSA/BSM puts responsibility for risk assessments and health and safety in their hands, giving leaseholders peace of mind that the building is ARMA-compliant. With third party services, this is much more difficult to control.


Where do they slot in? 

Our BSAs and BSMs report to our Property Managers and Senior Property Managers, and have regular one-to-ones appraising their performance and monitoring on-site issues. They also receive four full training days per year.

At urbanbubble, we don’t have a separate facilities management team – we believe accountability should be kept in one place. You can contact your BSA/BSM for any day-to-day issues on site, such as meter readings, contractor access or cleaning issues.

For problems that need to be logged, such as leaks [LINK TO BLOG], you can report to your Assistant Property Manager. If unsure, your BSA/BSM should be able to direct you to the right place. Their names, numbers and working hours can be found on a noticeboard in your property, or on My Urbanbubble.
We take value and pride in the roles that our BSAs and BSMs do. It’s not mandatory that a block we manage has them in place, but we know the standards we set are much higher than a third party who we have no liability over. And that’s why the approach has stuck.

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