As a company urbanbubble has recently become all too aware of the increase in homelessness in Manchester. A number of our residents have raised concerns about the levels of homelessness and as our office is in the city centre we see every day how the homeless situation has worsened in recent years. Like a lot of people, we all as individuals wanted to help, but we were not sure of the best way to do this, however we wanted to do something. We love Manchester and appreciate it has a great community vibe and we wanted to work together to help those who have are struggling feel a part of our great city.

We have linked in with a fab charity Coffee4Craig to help provide practical solutions to help the homeless. We will be collecting cans for the soup kitchen and foodbank, helping in the soup kitchen, donating clothing, to in the future urbanbubble providing work placements for people trying to rebuild their lives following homelessness.

We have made a commitment to take positive action towards this issue, and we have actually made the following pledge on Manchester Street Support website

urbanbubble pledge:

We pledge to support those who are experiencing homelessness by providing practical support (such as volunteering our time and skills and donating goods) to Coffee4Craig. We will also work towards providing work experience and opportunities to those who have experienced homelessness. We will try to involve as many of the people who work with us in this initiative, to ensure we do as much as possible to support the homeless. We will also promote Big Change through urbanbubble’s managed residential properties – via noticeboards, bulletins, residents meetings and other opportunities. 


We ask that all residents help urbanbubble support coffee4craig. They can either contact coffee4craig directly and volunteer, or they can donate tins – these will be collected by BSAs on site – for urbanbubble to pass on to Coffee4Craig – or help in the other initiatives urbanbubble will be driving on site.

Homelessness will only be reduced if we work as a community – please support urbanbubble support your community.

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