We have a chat with Research Analyst, Ed Howe, to learn about his role within the Build-to-Rent team.

Tell us about your role at urbanbubble

I’m here to research the cities we’re expanding into. As urbanbubble is working closely with L&G to run their portfolio, we’re keen to get a good understanding of not just the sites we’re responsible for, but the cities surrounding them too. My role involves mapping out cities like Bath and Bristol and finding out where the bars, restaurants, universities and other points of interest are in relation to the site.

This also feeds into future decision-making about which cities we should be expanding into, ensuring that we’ve conducted the necessary due diligence and gained a sound understanding of local markets before we move into them.

How long have you been with urbanbubble?

It’s a brand-new role, so I’m new to the team. I have joined the fast-growing Build-to-Rent department and can’t wait to see where it’s headed.

What’s your background?

I’ve always had a keen interest in data. I graduated in Urban Planning at Newcastle University in May 2017, after which I worked at Select Property as a Planning Assistant. Alongside this, I started building my own research business – UrbInfo Manc – making use of data I have been gathering for years on how many apartments, office, hotels, etc. are going up in the city. That’s how I met Michael – and my introduction to urbanbubble went from there.

How are urbanbubble different?

I’d heard of urbanbubble before and knew they did things differently, but this really shone through when I met Michael. His passion is infectious and it’s inspiring to hear about how he set the company up to fill a gap in the market. Everyone in the team shares this enthusiasm for improving the quality of renting, and it’s exciting to be part of such a tight-knit group of people aiming to make a difference.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

In my opinion, the best part of data and analytics is how you present it. I love mapping things – for me it’s the most effective way to measure how a city works. You can actually see clusters, such as housing and transport, and can gauge a lot about a city in that single snapshot.

When you’re not at work, how do you unwind?

Building and maintaining UrbInfo takes up a lot of my time. It started out as a hobby, but I’ve since realised how useful this information is for developers and operators. I’m hoping to develop this during my time at urbanbubble, and Michael is really supportive.

I also like to stay active when I’m not at work – I’ve always been a keen swimmer and now that I’m in the city I want to do more cycling too!

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